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31 Days - 31 Chapters
Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding all in one place - The Book of Proverbs.
I have combined my love of photography and God's Word to come up with Daily Proverbs Devotional.
31 Chapters of Proverbs along with 31 days of the month is a perfect match for a Daily Devotional.
Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding all in one place. The Book of Proverbs. You can come back here everyday for your Daily Devotional.
While I have finished the Proverbs pages I continue to think of things I can add or do differently.

I have added pages of Free Cross ImagesFree Fish Images, and Free WebArt/ClipArt.
These images are free, nothing to sign up for,  no obligation just totally free.
I'm also planning on adding a Free Christian Inspirational Pictures of Sunsets and possibly other Nature photos with Proverbs as well. All pictures of God's Work.

I hope you enjoy Daily Proverbs like I do. They are a part of my everyday life and I know God has Blessed me since I started reading them. I know He will Bless you too.

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Please Bookmark Daily Proverbs Devotional and come back everyday. I feel like I have started the day off on the right foot everyday when I read Proverbs and I know you will too.

For more Free WebArt and Free Christian Inspirational Pictures stop by my site at  www.billpech.com.
It's all Free!!!

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